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About Insworld's A Levels Programme

The Insworld GCE A-Levels / International A-Levels (IAL) programme offers students the chance to study for A-Level qualifications at a private school in Singapore. The programme prepares students for GCE A-Levels / IAL examinations administered by Pearson Edexcel, a UK Exam Board and Awarding Body that is licensed to administer A-Level exams in Singapore. GCE A-Levels is the standard pre-university qualification in the UK. The IAL is the international equivalent of the GCE A-Levels, benchmarked to the same standard, but adapted to be more accessible to the international learner. Both GCE A-Levels/IAL exams are recognised by universities worldwide, as well as in Singapore, as valid indicators of academic achievement and potential.

The British-based curriculum of GCE A-Levels/IAL exams is widely acknowledged as providing excellent preparation for university studies in Singapore, the UK and worldwide.

Insworld Institute was founded in 2000 as a private school offering A-Levels in Singapore to prepare students for university entrance. Our focus has always been on academic excellence, fostered through caring for the needs of each individual student.

As a private school in Singapore, Insworld can take a different approach from the big international schools, and focus on the needs of each individual GCE A-Levels/IAL student. Our maximum class size of 12 and our low student to teacher ratio mean that Insworld GCE A-Levels / IAL students receive more personalised input from teachers and have more opportunities to develop their interpersonal and communicative skills as well as their academic skills.

Academic Progression with A Levels

Pearson Edexcel GCE A-Levels / IAL are widely recognised by universities in the UK and worldwide for entry onto undergraduate degree programmes.

Course Duration : 6 terms (18 – 22 months)
Class Size : 4 – 12 students
Main Intakes : January and July
Other Enrolment Periods : April and October

Entry Requirements for A Level Programmes

Recommended Age

English Proficiency
IELTS 5.00/TOEFL 220 or Equivalent

International GCSE or equivalent

Why Sit For GCE A Levels/IAL In Singapore?

The GCE A-Levels/IAL programme is a popular secondary-level programme for students worldwide due to its transparency and freedom to choose their own subjects. The A-Levels offers learners the opportunity to focus on their particular interests and improve their specific strengths.

Why Study For GCE A Levels/ IAL In Singapore?

Insworld offers greater flexibility in the choice of GCE A-Levels/IAL subjects. Students can choose to study only subjects that interest them and which they will need to know in order to progress to university. They are also likely to get best grades in these subjects. Unlike programmes such as the IB, GCE A-Levels/IAL courses do not require students to spend time and effort on subjects they do not enjoy and which will not help them in their further education.

Studying at a GCE A-Levels / IAL private school in Singapore gives students the chance to attain qualifications that have international recognition for the depth of understanding and knowledge they represent. GCE A-Levels / IAL awards are accepted at leading universities worldwide.

Pearson Edexcel is the UK’s largest provider of academic and vocational qualifications. Its GCE A-Levels / IAL specifications are used by leading private schools in Singapore and internationally. Insworld has worked closely with Pearson Edexcel and is an accredited exam centre for Pearson Edexcel qualifications. In addition, Insworld has been awarded an Edexcel Certificate of Appreciation for our outstanding work as a leading private school in Singapore, organising and delivering GCE A-Levels / IAL programmes.

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Why Enrol at Insworld for GCE A-Levels / IAL in Singapore?

Insworld is a private school in Singapore which specialises in teaching programmes leading to GCE A-Levels/IAL qualifications. We have a proven track record of exam success and supporting our students to win places at leading universities. We have also been recognised as a “Best in Class International School in Singapore for 2021” by The Excelligent for our distinctive and committed approach to teaching GCE A-Levels/IAL programmes; working only with small classes and focusing on the needs of each individual student.

The Insworld philosophy is not to mould students to fit our structure, but to adapt our work to meet their needs. We can adjust our programme content and delivery, especially to take account of students’ prior learning, and offer greater flexibility about enrolment dates. This can be important for local and international students who may want to join a new school after the beginning of the new academic year. The Pearson Edexcel GCE A-Levels/IAL exams are compatible with this approach.

Our GCE A-Levels/IAL programmes are usually taught over 18 months, rather than the standard two academic years. However, exceptional students or those with extensive prior learning may be able to complete the GCE A-Levels/IAL programme in less time. Whenever practicable, we will try to help learners move at the pace that suits them best. Part of this process is close monitoring of academic progress, through regular testing and extra academic support when it is needed.

How Are GCE A-Levels / IAL Taught At Insworld?

As a private school in Singapore, specialising in teaching GCE A-Levels/IAL, Insworld Institute has over twenty years’ experience of preparing students to achieve excellent exam results. We choose to teach only in small classes, because this gives students the quality of input and the individual attention they need, as well as offering the benefits of a proper class dynamic. Students acquire specialist subject knowledge, but also critical thinking and evaluative skills and the ability to communicate these in discussion and in written work.

Insworld teaches A-Level specifications developed by Pearson Edexcel for its GCE A-Levels/IAL programmes. Pearson Edexcel IAL exams are modular in design, not linear. This means that each subject is divided into a number of discrete units, which are taught separately and examined separately. This allows greater flexibility in the delivery of A-Level course content. The unit exams are usually spread out over the duration of the programme, and are usually taken once the teaching for a particular module has been completed. However, they can be taken, or re-taken in any exam series. The final grade will be based on the aggregate results achieved in all the modules. Only the best score achieved in each module will count towards the final award.

As a result, the delivery of programmes and the timing of exams can be adjusted to best meet the needs of each individual learner. Students need to take exams only when they feel they are ready to be assessed. If, for any reason, an exam result in a module is disappointing, it is possible to re-sit the exam for that module only, without having to take the entire exam again.

To learn more about Pearson Edexcel GCE A-Levels / IAL programmes, (click here).

How Can Insworld Help Students Succeed In GCE A-Level / IAL Exams?

As a private school in Singapore, Insworld is able to organise its teaching programmes in the way that gives students the best opportunities to succeed in their GCE A-Levels/IAL exams. Students are able to select the combination of subjects which suits them best; in order to meet university entry requirements and also to develop their understanding of subjects they enjoy. Particularly for GCE A-Levels / IAL exams, students will work better when they are motivated to study, and the selection of subjects that are relevant to their needs and interests is an important part of this.

All Insworld teachers for GCE A-Levels/IAL programmes are subject specialists. The combined expert knowledge with extensive experience of working with small classes allow them to understand how to treat each student as an individual, while maintaining a proper class dynamic. One aspect of this is identifying when students are having problems with a part of the course. Our teachers will provide extra support for GCE A-Levels/IAL students when this is needed by conducting extra one-to-one classes with any student who is having especial difficulties with particular concept or topic.

What will I study in the Insworld GCE A-Levels / IAL?

Students usually study three or four subjects at GCE A-Levels/IAL, depending on their ambitions for university study and beyond. While any combination of subjects is possible, GCE A-Levels/IAL students are advised to select certain subject combinations if they wish to study certain competitive courses such as Medicine, Law or Engineering. Please contact us for more personalised information on GCE A-Levels / IAL subject combinations and university entrance.

The GCE A-Levels / IAL subjects offered at Insworld are:

*For selected subjects, please get in touch with us to check on subject availability at Insworld

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