4 Characteristics of a Positive Learning Environment

Academic progress and good exam results are how most schools are judged. However, this is not the whole story. In order to ensure that every student learns in a facilitating and supportive atmosphere, Insworld Institute actively promotes a positive learning environment.

Students, especially in the era of Covid-19, face unprecedented pressures. Although schools in Singapore are open again, students have been required to study from home on-line and adapt continually to changes in health and safety regulations. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in significantly higher levels of stress. While many students have shown great resilience in managing these challenges, many others have been finding the experience demanding and distressing. For this reason it is important that their school should provide a positive learning environment which can help them maintain their focus on their studies.

Insworld Institute’s policy of working only with small class sizes allows us to identify the needs of each individual student. We can notice if a student appears to be having difficulties, and take steps to resolve any problems, particularly relating to anxiety or stress. We also actively promote a warm and friendly atmosphere in the school. We encourage our students to integrate and support each other. As a result, Insworld is welcoming and inclusive, generating the type of positive learning environment that is possible only in a small school.

It is important to consider more than just grades when selecting a school. Insworld has an established history of enabling a positive learning environment, in which students can flourish personally and intellectually. If students feel comfortable and appreciated, they are likely to approach their studies with greater enthusiasm and purpose, leading to improved academic performance and a more enjoyable school experience. They will become more confident and more engaged with what they are studying. While many schools talk about student-centred and holistic learning, Our private secondary school in Singapore has put these ideas into practice. Our teaching methodology and our approach to managing all aspects of our work are focused on meeting the needs of each individual student.

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The Importance of a Positive Learning Environment

A positive learning environment is one in which students feel happy and safe, and have the self-confidence to express themselves as learners. This will aid their personal growth and help them to take on and overcome the challenges they will face.

Below are some of the key ways in which Insworld helps students work more effectively.

1. Flexibility

It is important that students should study subjects they enjoy, and which stimulate their interest and enthusiasm. This helps promote a positive learning environment. Students are more motivated and committed, and apply themselves more readily to their studies. They are more confident and focused on their work, leading to better results.

We support students who wish to choose their own combination of subjects. Although some subject combinations are strongly advised for certain university courses, we want to offer as much flexibility in our curriculum as possible. At A-Level, students can focus in depth on the subjects they like, and which they will need to study. There is no requirement to study a second language or an extended range of subjects. This is appreciated by both students and parents, and adds to the positive learning environment at the school.

2. Sense of community

Insworld works only with small classes, typically 4-12 students. This enables us to provide a student-centred learning environment in which teachers have a higher level of engagement with every member of every class. Students learn how to study independently, but also how to make positive contributions to team working. Small classes promote cooperation between students through group work and pair work. This helps to foster a strong sense of shared values and purpose.

Insworld welcomes students from all parts of the world. To date we have worked with students from over 45 countries. We promote an inclusive school environment in which everyone feels welcome and valued for who they are. This plays an important part in ensuring that everyone associated with Insworld understands the value of diversity.

3. Good rapport between student and teacher

High levels of engagement between our students and teachers help students to excel academically. They also allow students to develop constructive relationships with our academic staff, particularly their Personal Tutor. We monitor each student’s progress carefully in order to know if each student is making the academic progress expected of them and to ascertain if there are any problems which need attention. Forming good professional relationships with teachers helps each student stay motivated and engaged, and is a very important part of developing a positive learning environment.

4. Challenging curriculum

Insworld sets high standards for all our students as we aim to prepare them for the next phase of their education. We offer support and encouragement to help them develop the intrinsic motivation to learn which is fundamental to long-term academic success.

We set challenging but achievable targets for our students through our rigorous curriculum. In order to ensure no one falls behind, we monitor every student’s progress closely and provide them with personal and academic support, including free one-to-one tuition, if required.

Why choose Insworld for your child?

Through our flexible learning options, strong commitment to meeting individual needs, excellent student-teacher relations and challenging curriculum, Insworld has been able to advance the education of students from vastly different cultural and educational backgrounds. We are proud that our distinctive approach to education and the positive learning environment we promote has allowed us to be named as one of the 10 Leading International Schools in Singapore 2020.

If you are in search of a leading British international school in Singapore which offers a positive learning environment and which focuses on the needs of each individual student, please contact us at enquiries@insworld.edu.sg, or call us at +65 6732 1728 to arrange a consultation and to begin the online school application process for your child.

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