Study a British-based Curriculum in Singapore

Insworld Institute was established in 2000 to provide local and international students in Singapore with the opportunity to study a curriculum that prepares them to sit for exams and acquire internationally-recognised academic qualifications. The Pearson Edexcel curriculum is the most suitable curriculum for Insworld students, as its international exams (Lower Secondary, International GCSE and International A-Level) are designed to meet the needs of the international student. In particular, the Pearson Edexcel International A-Level exams are modular rather than linear in design; an approach which can result in less stress and anxiety for the student while maintaining academic standards.

Insworld believes that teaching in small classes gives students the meaningful opportunity to extend their knowledge quickly and accurately. This is central to the way we work. We are able to cater for the needs of each individual learner while maintaining a proper focus on academic progress and exam success. Small classes also give students opportunities to develop the qualities of integrity, independence and empathy that will enable them to pursue their future goals with greater confidence and self-assurance.

Our Values

What we believe in:

At Insworld we believe part of our responsibility is to encourage students to develop as independent individuals. We will seek to promote what we believe are essential values through the way we are organized and the way we work.

We want to lead by example and allow students to see the benefits of accountability and transparency, of integrity and social responsibility, of empathy and compassion. We organize student activities to foster and encourage these values, both at an individual level and as a school community.
Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility is an essential part of any organisation. We value this in every aspect of our work, and we encourage our students to take the same approach. We will be open and honest with our students, and we want our students to take the same approach with us. This engenders personal responsibility and integrity.

Our holistic Edexcel curriculum allows this values to be emphasized as part of our teaching programme. The weekly meeting between each. student and their personal tutor is an opportunity to put this into practice. We will always treat each student as an individual and try to understand how they work. An important part of this is always listening to students and responding openly and honestly to what they say.
Insworld stands as a beacon of integrity, where the tapestry of diversity is woven with threads of mutual trust, honesty, and ethical conduct. Our community in Singapore is a harmonious blend of local and international students, each embodying the principles of integrity in their academic pursuits.

Within our vibrant student body, diverse stories converge, representing various backgrounds, traditions, and worldviews. Despite these distinctions, the spirit of integrity prevails, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and understanding.
Insworld represents diversity in practice. We are a multi-cultural community in Singapore with a vibrant mix of local and international students.

All our students have different stories, many come from different backgrounds and traditions and have different ways of seeing the world, yet all our students mix together and study together as part of the same learning community. There is a healthy interest and respect for what makes people different, as well as a recognition of shared values and interests that bring them together.

Why Choose Insworld?

Insworld is a private school in Singapore which provides a holistic and comprehensive Pearson Edexcel curriculum. As a school our focus must be on academic success. Enabling students to make the most of their potential and opportunities to secure the best exam grades is central to our mission and values. The British-based curriculum we use helps our students to learn quickly and accurately, and offers excellent preparation for university-level studies. We take pride in the achievements of our students who have gone on to study at prestigious universities in Singapore or abroad. However, we also seek to help each student develop as an individual, to be self-reliant and able to think for themselves, to understand what they value and to stay true to these values. Study a curriculum that prepares them to sit for exams and acquire internationally-recognised academic qualifications.

Principal's Message

Thank you for your interest in Insworld Institute.

Insworld is a distinctive institution. We are a private school located in Singapore teaching local and international students a British curriculum which has been adapted to suit the needs of the international learner.

Like all good schools, our primary focus is on the academic achievement of our students. Our experience and understanding of the needs of our students have led us to develop an approach to teaching and learning which we believe gives them the best opportunity to realise their academic potential. This approach works. Insworld students have a proven track record of gaining places at leading universities and medical schools.

We choose to work only with small class sizes (4-12 students). We see this as the most effective way to ensure that all students make academic progress. Small class sizes allow us to select the teaching methodology, resources and learning activities that enable each student in each class to extend their learning. We set our students challenging but achievable targets, and monitor their progress carefully. To make sure our students are working effectively, we provide extensive personal and academic support, including free one-to-one extra tuition sessions for all students who need it.

Insworld is about more than achieving good grades. We believe that students should develop personally as well as intellectually. We have programmes of extra-curricular activities that encourage students to participate in sports and recreational pastimes, as well as outreach activities which help promote a strong sense of social responsibility.

Insworld is a lively multi-national community. We aim to offer a safe and supportive environment in which every student can flourish. We encourage our students to be engaged, active and individual; to show mutual respect and consideration for others, and to value diverse cultural and social traditions. Our staff and our students make our school a welcoming and inclusive place where everyone can feel appreciated for who they are.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Arthur Davis

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Our Vision, Mission, Values and Culture

Our Vision
To be internationally recognised for the provision of British Education in Singapore.


Our Mission
To provide the highest standards of British Education whilst caring for the needs of the individual.


Our Values




Our Culture
Fulfillment of individual potential through hard work and mutual respect.

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Ye Myint Khaing (Myanmar)
International A-Level 2022


“My journey at Insworld was unique. Unlike other students, I had to study online until the end of the course due to the political circumstances in my country. So it was a virtual experience for me, and I missed all the extracurricular activities. Leaving that behind, the educational support of the Insworld community was immense. The teachers were expert in their fields, and I always felt involved in class discussions, personal tutoring sessions and even practicals. With excellent guidance for my university application, what more could I ask for? I started attending Insworld with huge doubts about my IALs. Now, I have finished with the best grades achievable.

Cheng, Alisa Grace Tim-Yan (Singapore)
International A-Level 2021


“I joined Insworld Institute just 6 months before sitting for my A levels. It was a lot to take in as I had to re-do previous exams due to a change in syllabus. However, the teachers were very, very supportive and patient with me. I don’t think I could have asked for a better school environment, and I’m grateful to the teachers and the non-teaching staff for their support throughout.”

Cheanng, Phanith (Cambodia)
International A-Level 2021


“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to finish both my International GCSE and A-level in Insworld, completing my high school in just 3 years. Insworld allowed me to study only the subjects that I’m really interested in, so that I could fully enjoy and focus on the subjects that I learned best.”

Hu, Xinyu (China)
International A-Level 2021


“Insworld Institute has a strong track record of preparing students for university studies. The school also has a friendly course-choosing system where students can try one subject for a week after entering the school in order to understand whether it is the right choice.
I enjoyed interacting with classmates from different cultural backgrounds and traditions. It was an opportunity for me to learn about different cultures from different countries in the world.
For me, despite the fact that I could not get satisfactory grades at the beginning, after following the instructions by the teachers, my results improved and I acquired confidence for the next step. Finally I succeeded.“

Hoe, Zhan Hao (Singapore)
International A-Level 2021


“Though the A-Level course was difficult and challenging, the teachers at Insworld helped me persevere, getting me to where I am today. The small classes are the best way to study, since teachers can focus on students more.”

Oake Soe Thar (Myanmar)
International A-Level 2021


“I can confidently say that in just six months at Insworld, I have achieved the best success of my life. Thanks to my teachers, staffs, and my peers, I’ve grown mentally and intellectually. Though my time was brief, I shall forever remember my time at Insworld. I arrived in Singapore during a crisis in my home country. I was stressed and worried for my family and friends. At the same time, I was expected to study and try to achieve good grades. I was genuinely worried about my final grades as I was overwhelmed. I consider myself extremely fortunate as I’ve been surrounded by good people to help me progress and manage everything. The teachers made sure I kept up with my studies, the admin staff were constantly checking up on me and my friends helped me with my studies and emotional support. When I was applying for my US visa, Ms. Thinzar and Ms. Tan enthusiastically helped me. I couldn’t have done it without their help, so I’ll forever be grateful. Thank you Insworld for guiding me onto the path to success and to exceed expectations. I will miss you dearly.”

Liu, Qiao (China)
International A-Level 2021


“The most impressive thing is probably the teachers. Every teacher is very responsible. Maybe because there are not many students in each class in our school, the teacher can help every student, which is an area that many schools cannot do.”

Parent Testimonials

Gerard Michael Mcdonnell (United Kingdom)
Justine Isaiah Man-on Umali ( IAL 2019) and Ashley Nicole Man-on Umali (IAL 2021)

“Insworld Institute is quite unique in the way it educates. The small classes, high contact from the teachers, tutors and management is special and they know every student extremely well and seem to care a lot about how the students are. They will adapt to the student’s needs probably better than any other school I have known. The weekly tests & subsequent reports can keep you intricately up to date with their progress and empower the teachers to know if a student missed something in time to correct it and move on. The British curriculum is well worked out and, if your student is willing to study, this school will certainly deliver great grades. Sports is definitely not their strength and really, all extra-curricular activities are at bit weak. This could be improved and would help the increase the enjoyment factor of school life considerably but in general, it is a great educational establishment

Olga Tikhomirova (Russia)
Iuliia Tikhomirova (International GCSE 2021)

“When choosing an educational institution, the most important thing for us was the combination of three conditions:
-The school has a record of successful graduates.
-The school program is flexible and able to provide what my daughter is interested to study.
-The school is focused on the result of each child and able to develop the child’s individual potential as well as prepare them for further education.
We believe that we made the right choice, my daughter says that was the best school in her life, despite the fact that she studied at a school for gifted students in Russia.
She has achievements in drawing that she only dreamed of in childhood, unfortunately in Russia there was no opportunity to receive this additional education in addition to school due to the workload and distraction to other important activities and because of lack of confidence in her abilities. In Singapore, it turns out in the framework of the school curriculum, we see that we get decent professional knowledge.”

Moonlake Love Lee (Singapore)
Alisa Grace Tim-Yan Cheng ( IAL 2021) and Hana Grace Gar-Yan Cheng  ( IAL 2022)

“The teachers are very caring and do their best to ensure that students master concepts. The school is also very accommodating and allows the flexibility of customizing subject combinations. I appreciate that there is a Special Education Needs coordinator (Ms Charlene) who was very proactive in supporting students and helping to ensure their mental/emotional well-being.”

Simon Smith (Australia)
Xavier Smith ( IAL 2022)

“Due to my work commitments, my son, Xavier was educated mostly in schools in Asia. When he returned to Australia, he found it difficult to settle in the land of his birth, and was particularly unhappy with his schooling. As a result I decided he should return to Singapore and continue his high school education there. I felt the International GCSE curriculum was the best choice for someone with his educational background, and began to look for a suitable school. From the very first meeting I felt Insworld Institute was a good fit for Xavier. The staff are genuine in their commitment to their students, offering support not just for their academic development, but also for their mental and social wellbeing. This gave Xavier the confidence to feel comfortable again in a school setting and return to regular school life. This was helped by the central location of Insworld (near Bugis) and the focus on meeting the needs of each individual student through teaching only in small groups. Xavier is part of a group, but also receives a lot of individual attention. I am extremely happy that I selected Insworld Institute for my son’s high school education, and would recommend it to parents and students looking for small class sizes with dedicated staff who can offer a more personal but always professional approach to education.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

Insworld Institute is a private school based in Singapore. Since September 2000 we have aimed to provide the highest standards of education, whilst caring for the needs of each individual student.


Insworld encourages students to be active participants in their classes, engaging with their learning while maintaining a clear focus on academic achievement.


The school promotes the core values of Integrity, Diversity, Social Responsibility and Leadership. These will help our students to become rounded and resourceful young people, equipped to make a positive contribution to society

Insworld offers a range of academic courses in preparation for exams set by Pearson Edexcel, a fully accredited UK exam board and awarding body.



Insworld also teaches an English Language programme (English for Academic Study) designed to prepare students for progression to academic programmes taught in English.

International Advanced Level / GCE Advanced Level


A-Level programmes prepare students for entry to university. Leading international universities in the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada and most other countries require students to take 3 subjects. Universities in Singapore normally require good passes in 4 subjects.


International GCSE (International GCSE)


Insworld students normally take 6 subjects at International GCSE level. These must include English and Maths, which are compulsory. They may then select a further 4 from the range of choices that is available.


Edexcel International Tuition Programme (an International Lower Secondary Programme)


This programme typically focuses on 6 subjects, covering the sciences, arts and humanities, as well as English and Mathematics. There are also options to study Art and Chinese on this programme.

  • Insworld teaches only in small groups (4-12 students per class). This allows us to practice student-centred learning and adapt what we teach and how we teach it to meet the needs of each individual student.
  • Insworld can adapt the length and structure of its programmes to meet students’ specific needs. Our students come to us from many different educational backgrounds, and have different levels of knowledge and understanding in each subject. We always try to evaluate and acknowledge prior learning, and use this to inform us about the best way to  help our students to learn.  We can organise a specific programme for each student based on what they already know and what they need to know in order to realise their ambitions.
  • Insworld has four main intakes per year (January, April, July and October), but can accept students at other times.
  • Insworld Institute can teach a full A-Level or International GCSE programme in 18 months instead of the standard two academic years taken by most schools.
  • Insworld is committed to working closely with parents and guardians. The school communicates weekly test scores and reports to parents, and encourages parents to contact the school whenever they wish to discuss academic progress or any other matter.
  • Insworld is a diverse, multi-national and multi-cultural community. Currently, there are students from over 20 different countries studying together. Our students are interested, engaged and friendly. The small size of the school means that we do not have many of the social problems that affect students in larger institutions.


Insworld is committed to its students’ social, cultural and moral development. The school is a place where every student’s background, culture and traditions are respected and valued. Insworld promotes mutual respect, integration and integrity in all its activities. This is evidenced in the atmosphere at the school, which is receptive, friendly and inclusive.

Insworld teaches a British-based curriculum leading to International GCSE (O-Level) and International A-Level or GCE A-Level qualifications. All Insworld academic programmes use specifications developed by Pearson Edexcel, a fully accredited UK exam provider, and lead to qualifications (International GCSE and A-Level) that are recognized internationally by leading universities around the world.


What are the differences between ‘international’ A-Levels and GCSE exams, and those which are taught in England


Pearson Edexcel international qualifications (International GCSE and IAL) are benchmarked to the same standards determined by the UK Department of Education as GCSE and GCE A-Level exams. Consequently, they are recognised by universities and employers in Singapore, the UK and internationally as having the same academic weight and as indicating the same levels of academic potential and achievement.
The main difference is that International GCSE and IAL programmes and exams are designed to be more accessible to the international learner.

A-Level qualifications are recognised by universities in the UK, Singapore and worldwide as valid indicators of academic achievement and potential. Good grades at A-Level will qualify students for entry to leading universities in Singapore, in the UK, and internationally.

This October, Insworld graduates will begin their studies at leading universities in the UK such as University of Cambridge,  University College London, Durham, Warwick and Bristol, to study subjects such as Law, Engineering, Environmental Science and English Literature.

Other Insworld graduates have gone on to study at Imperial College (London), National University of Singapore, University College London, the University of Edinburgh, Sydney University and many other prestigious international institutions. See here for the academic achievements of our graduates over the past years.

Insworld chooses to teach International A-Level exams provided by Pearson Edexcel, a fully licensed and accredited UK exam board. These A-Levels are modular, not linear, in design. Each subject is divided into discrete units (modules) which are examined and marked separately. Students may take exams in January , May/June, and October each year. The final grade is based on the aggregate of the marks achieved in all the different modules.

Modular exams have many advantages for students. Students can delay taking an exam if they feel they need more time, as it is possible to take exams in specific modules in any exam session. Only the best mark achieved in each module will count towards the final grade. The modular approach allows the burden and pressure of exams to be spread out over the duration of the course. This reduces the level of stress students feel about exams, and helps them to deal with exam nerves and anxieties. Students are also able to assess their progress by looking at real exam results – the most authentic type of feedback.

Our International A-Level program usually lasts 18 months (rather than 2 academic years). This can represent a significant saving in time and money. There are two main exam series each year (in January and in May/June). As Pearson Edexcel International A-Levels are modular (not linear) in design students may take exams at different times over the course of their programme. This means that they will be able to show real results to universities, not base their application on predicted grades or subjective evaluations. This is appreciated by universities, and can lead to students receiving favourable conditional offers.

Admissions Office personnel will assist students with all aspects of the university application process. We have experience of helping students gain places at universities all over the world. We are able to offer general guidance about selecting courses and selecting universities, as well as assistance with the particular requirements of applications such as writing personal statements.

Students who study for the IB are required to study at least 6 subjects, including a second language, Maths and Sciences.

IB assessment is based on a combination of internal and external assessment, with written exams and marked coursework contributing to the final award. This programme works well for students with a wide range of abilities who enjoy the challenge of producing coursework across multiple disciplines.

IB is a linear programme. Students take exams at the end of two years of studies. Should a student want to re-take any part of the exam, they would need to wait one year for the next examination session.

International A-Levels offer a different approach. IAL students study fewer subjects (usually 3 or 4 subjects), but at a greater level of depth. Students can choose the subjects which interest them the most, and which will provide them with the most focused and relevant preparation for their university level studies. Students will not need to spend time and energy getting grades in subjects they do not enjoy, that do not interest them and which will have no relevance to their further education.

A-Levels are not just about acquiring information. They also emphasise the importance of being able to apply information accurately across different contexts. Success at A-Level requires students to have a secure and extensive understanding of each subject, but also the ability to analyse, and evaluate, and think critically about a range of problems. These skills are essential for successful study at university.

Pearson Edexcel International A-Levels are modular. Each subject is divided into discrete units which are examined and marked separately. Students normally take exams in January, May/June each year. The final grade is based on the aggregate of the marks achieved in all the different modules.

Students can delay taking an exam if they feel they need more time to prepare.

It is also possible to re-take exams in specific modules at any exam session. Only the best mark achieved from your two most recent attempts in each module will count towards the final grade.

This allows students to plan their further studies based on their actual progress and real exam results.

Singapore-Cambridge A-Level exams are designed to assess the learning of students in the Singapore state education system. 

Singapore-Cambridge A-Level exams also put a high premium on being able to memorise and recall a lot of information.

Singapore-Cambridge A-Level students are expected to study 5 subjects, including a compulsory General Paper and a mix of science and humanities subjects.

Singapore-Cambridge A-Levels are linear. Students take exams at the end of two years of studies. Should a student want to re-take an exam, they would need to wait one year for the next examination series.

Students who opt to study for International A-Levels typically study 3-4 subjects. Fewer subjects mean that they can study in greater depth and with a sharper focus. IAL students can concentrate on the subjects which interest them the most and which will provide them with the best academic and intellectual preparation for studies at the university of their choice.

Pearson Edexcel International A-Levels are modular. Each subject is divided into discrete units which are examined and marked separately. Students normally take exams in January and May/June. The final grade is based on the aggregate of the marks achieved in all the different modules.

Students can delay taking an exam if they feel they need more time to prepare.

It is also possible to re-take exams in specific modules at any exam session. Only the best mark achieved from the two most recent settings of in each module will count towards the final grade.

This allows students to plan their future studies based on their actual progress and real exam results.

International A-Levels have been developed to evaluate the learning of students from a wide range of cultural and educational backgrounds. Consequently, the format and presentation of exams are intended to be accessible and clear, and designed to test the student’s knowledge and understanding, not exam technique and memory. IAL programmes focus on extending subject knowledge, but very importantly also develop students’ critical thinking and evaluative skills. Students are tested not just on what they know, but also on how they can apply this knowledge to a range of different situations.

IAL students are encouraged to think for themselves, and develop as independent learners. They learn how to explore ideas and evaluate and analyse information. These skills are essential for university level study.

The school sends weekly reports regularly to parents/guardians. In addition we have formal parents’ meetings every term, and send a comprehensive report at the end of each term. We also encourage parents and guardians to contact the school about any matter that is concerning them at any time. We believe in close cooperation between the school and parents and guardians. Openness and transparency help everyone to understand what is happening and to be in a position to find effective solutions to problems.

Each student is assigned a Personal Tutor, whom they meet every week. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss any academic or other issues that are concerns for the student or the school. This is an important opportunity to give and to receive feedback which can help the student to stay on track and can help the school to understand and address any problems that are raised.


Students are also given formal tests regularly in each of their subjects. This allows them to practice exam-style tasks under exam conditions and helps their teachers to know how well they have understood particular topics or concepts. The students get accurate feedback on their academic performance as well as the opportunity to improve their study skills through working under time pressure in a formal setting. The results of these assessments are sent each week to the student’s parent(s)/guardian.


If a student is having particular difficulties with any aspect of their programme and needs extra help, they will be given extra one-to-one tuition with their subject teacher. These sessions are free of charge.

Every student needs to achieve a minimum attendance rate of 75%, to ensure that they have attended enough classes to be able to complete the course successfully. If their attendance falls below 75% consistently they may not be permitted to take external exams, and risk being permanently excluded from the school.


All Student’s Pass holders must maintain a 90% attendance. If they do not, they will be reported to the Singapore authorities, and their Student’s Pass may be withdrawn, or may not be renewed.

New students may be asked to take a series of placement tests to allow us to assess their level, and have a better understanding of their academic strengths and weaknesses.


Students must meet minimum English Language requirements level in order to be accepted onto an academic programme;


IAL/GCE A-Level                    IELTS 5.0 or equivalent
International GCSE                IELTS 4.5 or equivalent
EITP (Lower Secondary)       IELTS 4.0 or equivalent

Some universities will accept students onto their Foundation Programmes on the strength of their results at International GCSE.

A Dependent’s Pass (DP) can be granted only by the ICA (Immigration & Checkpoint Authority) of Singapore. Parents of international students can apply for DP after obtaining a Student’s Pass for the student. Insworld will provide the necessary documents for such applications. However, there is no guarantee that an application for a DP will be successful.

Insworld is not just about academic achievement. Extra-curricular activities are an important part of the school’s work. These can help students develop their social and inter-personal skills as well as enjoy themselves and have fun. Every year, students attend a specialist Leadership Camp to focus on developing the key skills of leading and working together in groups. Extra–curricular activities include multiple sports events ranging from basketball to futsal, as well as videography, photography, and the opportunity to visit museums and cultural events.

Our fees are calculated to be reasonable and competitive when compared to other International schools in Singapore. They also reflect the personal service that is given to each student, with our small class sizes, and detailed attention to the particular needs of each student. We also offer scholarships and discounts to deserving students. You can find out the fees in course fee section, if you have any queries on what the fees cover please do not hesitate to contact us at

Refund Policy Statement


  1. Refund for Withdrawal Due to Non-Delivery of Course:

Insworld will notify the student within three (3) working days upon knowledge of any of the following: –

  • It does not commence the Course on the Course Commencement Date;
  • It terminates the Course before the Course Commencement Date;
  • It does not complete the Course by the Course Completion Date;
  • It terminates the Course before to Course Completion Date;
  • It has not ensured that the student meets the course entry or matriculation requirement as set by the Organisation stated in Schedule A (of the Student Contract) within any stipulated timeline set by CPE; or
  • The Student’s Pass application (except renewal of Student’s Pass) is rejected by Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA).

The student should be informed in writing of alternative study arrangements (if any), and also be entitled to a refund of the entire Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fees already paid should the Student decide to withdraw, within seven (7) working days of the above notice.


2. Refund for Withdrawal due to any other reasons

In the Student withdraws from the course for any reasons other than those stated in Clause 2.1 of the Student Contract, Insworld will, within seven (7) working days of receiving the student’s written notice of withdrawal, refund to the student an amount based on the table below:


% of [the aggregate amount of the fees paid]

If Student’s written notice of withdrawal is received


more than thirty (30) days before the Course Commencement Date


before, but not more than thirty (30) days before the Course Commencement Date


after, but not more than three (3) days after the Course Commencement Date


More than three (3) days after the Course Commencement Date



3. Cooling-Off Period

Insworld will provide student with a cooling-off period of seven (7) working days after the date that the Contract has been signed by both parties.  The student will be refunded the highest percentage (stated in Schedule D of the student contract) of the fees already paid if the student submits a written notice of withdrawal to Insworld within the cooling-off period, regardless of whether the Student has started the course or not.


Insworld is a multinational community. To date, students from 45 countries have studied with us. Our students learn to be tolerant, receptive and accepting towards people of different cultures and traditions.

No. Although both programmes are designed to prepare students for entry to undergraduate degree programmes at university, the A-Level option offers substantially wider opportunities.


Foundation programmes are usually designed for entry into a specific university. They are often designed and operated by one university. This university provides accreditation for its foundation programme, and is often the only institution which will recognise its validity. Frequently, if you complete a foundation programme run by a university, you will be qualified to join a degree programme only at that university. You may not be qualified to transfer to a different institution.


A-Levels have worldwide recognition. Leading universities internationally understand that A-Levels are valid and reliable indicators of a student’s academic ability and potential, and accept students on the basis of these qualifications. A-Levels have an established reputation for offering students excellent preparation for their further studies. Universities appreciate that A-Level students have studied subjects in depth, and have been encouraged to develop the higher level critical thinking and evaluative skills that are essential for successful study at university.


A-Levels offer students the greatest range of options for study at university. You can choose the course that suits you best, at the university that suits you best in the country that suits you best.

Yes, Pearson Edexcel IAL is recognized by the national universities in Singapore. You may refer to programme entry requirements under international qualifications section.
Insworld Institute has a track record of students being accepted to NUS, NTU, and SMU.


A student who wish to enter Singapore National Universities would expect to have very good grades in 4 subjects.

At Insworld Institute we arrange career talks with selected universities from different countries. For example, webinars for our students were conducted by the following institutions: Cambridge University, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Royal Holloway, University of London, and EHL Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.


Each student has a Personal Tutor who will guide the academic development of the student. Weekly sessions are set with the purpose of reviewing the student’s progress towards individually set goals.


In addition, in the last year of studies, students will have individual sessions with the Admissions Counselor, who will help them to find the course and university which best matches their ambitions, as well as providing help with the application process.

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Insworld Logo

September 2000

 Insworld School was established

April 2004

Official Opening by the British High
Commissioner HE Sir Alan Collins CMG
on 23 April 2004

May 2010

20 May 2010 registered with Council
for Private Education

October 2010

4 October 2010 changed name
to Insworld Institute

August 2014

Celebrated its 14th Anniversary with
guest of honour British High
Commissioner HE Antony Phillipson on
19 August 2014

September 2017

Ribbon cutting Ceremony at
Insworld’s Open House, 27 September
by HE Scott Wightman, British High
Commissioner to Singapore

August 2020

Relocation to North Bridge Centre
420 North Bridge Road
#-05-11/12 North Bridge Centre
Singapore 18872

August 2021

Expansion: Moving to premises in the National Library Building.
100 Victoria Street #08-02 National Library Building
Singapore 188064

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Our Organisation

Management Team

Management Team

The Insworld Management brings a
wide range of educational experience
and professionalism to the task of
managing the school.

Er Sye Kiang Fabian


Arthur Davis


Tan Cheh Wuel

Director of Admissions, Management Representative

Olesya Glukhova

Director of Operations

Kok Fong Woang

Manager of Finance

Academic and Examination Board

The Academic Board ensures that academic standards are maintained and enhanced throughout the school, giving students the best chance to succeed. The Examination Board ensures that all exams – external and internal – are conducted fairly, honestly and efficiently.


Matthew James Cole

Arthur Davis

Rakhitha Manchanayaka

Zin Min Kyaw

Olesya Glukhova


Matthew James Cole

Arthur Davis

Cheong Mei Wan

Rakhitha Manchanayaka


Diverse, hardworking, caring and well-trained – we believe that our teaching and support staff have the right credentials, experience, background and skills to help our students become academic achievers and socially responsible individuals.

Anriany Casanova

Academic Qualifications:
Master of Science – National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan
Bachelor of Education Science – Riau Kepulauan University, Indonesia

Subjects Taught:
EITP : Mathematics
International GCSE : Further Pure Mathematics, Mathematics
A- Level : Further Mathematics, Mathematics

Arthur Davis

Academic Qualifications:
Master of Arts, Work Based Learning Studies – Middlesex University, United Kingdom
Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature – University College London, United Kingdom


Subjects Taught:
EAS: English for Academic Study
EITP: English Language
International GCSE: English as a Second Language, English Language, English Literature
A-Level: English Language, English Literature

Chandirean Kiruthika

Academic Qualifications:
Master of Commerce in Corporate Secretaryship – University of Madras, India
Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance –  University of Madras, India

Subjects Taught:
International GCSE : Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Commerce
A-Level : Accounting, Business Studies, Economics

Jiangling Yan

Academic Qualifications:
Diploma in Teaching Chinese Language – Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Bachelor of Management – Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China

Subjects Taught:
EITP: Chinese
International GCSE: Chinese
A-Level: Chinese

Lotha Liteno

Academic Qualifications:
Master of Arts – National University of Singapore, Singapore
Bachelor of Arts – University of North Bengal, India

Subjects Taught :
EITP: English Language, Mathematics, Geography, History
International GCSE: English Language, English Literature, English as 2nd Language, History
A-Level: English Language, History

Menon Hari

Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor of Arts – Pennsylvania State University, United States
Diploma of Education – Edith Cowan University, Australia

Subjects Taught:
International GCSE : English Literature, English Language
IAL : English Literature, English Language

Michelle Shaktivathi D/O Patrick Vincent

Academic Qualifications:
Diploma in Materials Science, Republic of Polytechnic, Singapore

Subjects Taught:
EITP : Mathematics, Science ( Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)
International GCSE : Chemistry, Mathematics

Mithra d/o Jeevananthan

Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor of Arts, Goldsmith’s College – University of London, England
Diploma in Fine Arts, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

Subjects Taught:
EITP : Art & Design
International GCSE : Art & Design
A-Level : Art & Design

Neelam Sharma

Academic Qualifications:
Master of Commerce – Institute of Distance and Open Learning, India
Bachelor of Commerce – University of Mumbai, India

Subjects Taught:
EITP: Commerce
International GCSE: Accounting, Business Studies, Commerce, Economics
A-Level: Accounting, Business Studies, Economics

Neha Pathik

Academic Qualifications:
Master of Science (Bio-Technology) – Panjab University, India
Bachelor of Science (Medical Biotechnology) – Amity University, India

Subjects Taught:
EITP: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
International GCSE: Biology
A-Level: Biology

Neupane Devendra

Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor of Science, National University of Singapore

Subjects Taught:
International GCSE : Mathematics, Physics
IAL : Mathematics, Physics

Nur Ashikin Binte Hesamudin

Academic Qualifications:
Master of Science in Medical Science – University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Bachelor of Science – University of Bradford, United Kingdom

Subjects Taught:
EITP : Science (Biology and Chemistry)
International GCSE : Chemistry
IAL : Chemistry

Rakhitha Manchanayaka

Academic Qualifications:
Master of Science (Science Communication) – National University of Singapore, Singapore and Australian National University, Australia
Bachelor Of Science – University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

Subjects Taught:
EITP: Mathematics, Physics
International GCSE: Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Pure Mathematics, Physics, ICT
A-Level: Mathematics, Physics

Shriya Lakshman

Academic Qualification:
Bachelor of Arts in English and History – University of Sussex, United Kingdom

Subjects Taught:
EITP: English Language, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), History
International GCSE: English Language, English Literature, English as 2nd Language, History

Sim Miaoling Kendra Gail

Academic Qualification:
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ( Marketing), University of Wales, United Kingdom
Bachelor of Accountancy, Nanyang Technology University
GCE “A” Level

Subjects Taught:
EITP: Mathematics
International GCSE: Further Pure Maths, Mathematics, Physics

Soo Yi Bei

Academic Qualifications :
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (“ACCA”) – Sunway University College, Malaysia

Subjects Taught:
International GCSE: Accounting, Commerce
A-Level: Accounting

Thabrew Dehinga Nethma Rehani

Academic Qualification:
Bachelor of Science – Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

Subjects Taught:
EITP: Mathematics, Science (Physics)
International GCSE: Further Pure Math, Mathematics, Physics
A-Level: Further Mathematics, Mathematics, Physics

Vasquez Janine Joy Manatad

Academic Qualification:
Bachelor of Secondary Education, Siena College, Philippines

Subjects Taught:
EAS: English for Academic Study, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced
EITP : English Language, Science (Biology, Physics & Chemistry)
International GCSE: English as a Second Language, English Language

Wong Yew Mun

Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor of Business Commerce- University of Tasmania, Australia  

Subjects Taught:
EITP : Mathematics
International GCSE : Further Pure Maths, Mathematics
A-Level : Further Mathematics, Mathematics

Zin Min Kyaw

Academic Qualification:
Master in English – Yangon University, Myanmar
Bachelor in Arts in English Literature – Yangon University, Myanmar

Subjects Taught:
EAS: English for Academic Study, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced
International GCSE: English as a Second Language, English Language, English Literature
A-Level: English Language

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Insworld NBC (North Bridge Centre)

Insworld NLB (National Library Building)

UNIT #08-02
Room No Type Size (m2) Max No of Pax
1 Classroom 7 4
2 Classroom 8 5
3 Classroom 25 16
4 Classroom 25 16
5 Classroom 25 16
6 Classroom 33 22
7 Classroom 16 10
8 Classroom 25 16
9 Classroom 15 10
Insworld NLB (National Library Building)

Insworld NBC (North Bridge Centre)

Room No Type Size (m2) Max No of Pax
02-07 A Classroom 7 4
02-07 B Classroom 9 6
02-07 C Classroom 21 14
02-09 D Classroom 20 13
02-09 E Classroom 21 14
04-06 A Classroom 23 15
04-06 B Classroom 15 10
04-06 C Classroom 15 10
04-27 E Classroom 8 5
04-27 F Classroom 17 11
04-27 G Classroom 13 8
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