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The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (International GCSE) is a globally recognised international academic qualification for Year 10/11 students. It is the international equivalent of the GCSE exam; the standard year 11 qualification in the UK, and recognized in countries such as the UK, USA, Singapore, and Australia.

The International GCSE curriculum is designed to encourage students to think critically and acquire problem-solving skills while broadening their subject knowledge. The format of the International GCSE exam is designed to be more accessible to international learners studying in Singapore; offering a syllabus based on the British model, but with a wider, more global perspective.

The International GCSE provides a strong foundation for higher level courses like GCE A-Levels / IAL. As a school in Singapore offering a comprehensive International GCSE programme, Insworld provides students with the opportunity to select the International GCSE subjects that are right for them, and which will help them as they move forward in their education career.

Why Enrol In The International GCSE Programme?

Many parents recognise the importance of the quality of secondary education in establishing the foundations of specialised understanding and the approach to learning which will help shape their children’s futures.

The International GCSE is one of the most widely studied and highly rated international exams for students aged 14 to 16. It is accepted as a valid and reliable indicator of academic achievement by institutions of higher learning worldwide. The Insworld International GCSE syllabus is updated frequently so that it remains relevant to the needs of learners in Singapore. It is designed to encourage students to explore ideas and extend their understanding in ways that build and consolidate learning. It is taught by subject specialists who are trained in recognising the needs of individual learners and adapting lesson content and delivery to meet these needs. Choosing a recognised international curriculum like the International GCSE in Singapore helps widen your child’s academic capabilities, so that they are in a strong position to work towards gaining entry to a leading university.

Why Choose Insworld for Edexcel International GCSE in Singapore?

As a private school in Singapore Insworld provides students with what they need to attain International GCSE qualifications. These can represent a significant stepping-stone on the route to further academic achievement.

Insworld provides students with a unique International GCSE programme to help them prepare to take their International GCSE examinations. The Insworld International GCSE curriculum is flexible. Students can choose the combination of subjects which suits them best. Insworld can also be flexible about enrolment dates and course duration, to ensure that all students make the most of their existing knowledge as well as their academic potential when they study for International GCSE qualifications.

the International GCSE is an international qualification that aims to extend the breadth and depth of students’ understanding, enabling them to strengthen their subject knowledge while gaining the evaluative and analytical skills that are essential for higher study and the world of work. The Insworld International GCSE programme in Singapore can also be suitable for students whose English language skills need to be improved, as it is possible to combine this with enhanced English Language support.nteern

Our International GCSE programmes also provide students with excellent preparation for A-Level studies – the qualifications that will enable them to get into university. Find out more about Insworld’s GCE A-Level / International Advanced Level (IAL) courses here.

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International GCSE Academic Progression in Private Schools

On successful completion of International GCSE exams, students obtain internationally recognised qualifications which allow them to progress on to the Insworld GCE A-Level / IAL programme, or choose other options such as applying for admission to Singapore polytechnics or state universities in the USA.

Course Duration : 6 terms (18 – 22 months)
Class Size : 4 – 12 students
Main Intakes : January and July
Other Enrolment Periods : April and October

International GCSE School Entry Requirements for International Students in Singapore

Recommended Age

English Proficiency
IELTS 4.5 / TOEFL 200 or equivalent

Junior Secondary programme or equivalent

Insworld’s International GCSE Curriculum: What You Need to Know

What will I study in the Insworld International GCSE?

Our International GCSE curriculum offers students the freedom to choose from various subjects. Our range of subjects offers students a strong foundation in essential knowledge and skills, while allowing them to further their interests in subjects that particularly interest them.

Students normally choose 6 subjects when they study an International GCSE programme. The choice of subjects may depend on their future plans or intended fields of study. All subject combinations include English Language and Mathematics, which are compulsory. When selecting optional subjects, students are recommended to consider their intended course of study at A-Level or university. For a personalised consultation on subject combinations at Insworld, contact us for detailed information. Other subjects offered at Insworld include:

*For selected subjects, please get in touch with us to check on subject availability at Insworld

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