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Insworld Institute provides quality British education to students located in Singapore.

Insworld Institute equips students with the knowledge, understanding and skills that are essential for their continued progress in education and for their professional careers.

Flexibility is a key part of our approach. Our students can choose the combination of subjects which best matches their interests and their ambitions. They can start their programme at different times of the year, and they can take internationally recognised exams at different times.

Insworld’s approach to education is based on best practice in the UK. Our main focus is on academic achievement, but we also promote the social, moral and cultural development of our students. We believe that team working and leadership, critical and creative thinking and an independent mindset are essential skills for young learners.

Insworld only works with small classes (4-12 students). This allows personalised learning with a focus on the needs of each individual student.

Insworld academic programmes are supplemented by a range of extra-curricular activities such as basketball, badminton, dance, futsal and yoga. In addition we arrange outreach activities for our students to promote social responsibility and awareness.

List of Programmes

Insworld Institute offers quality British education in Singapore, emphasising academic excellence and holistic development.

Advanced Level
GCE Advanced Level
6 terms (18 - 22 months)
4 - 12 students
Pearson Edexcel GCE A-Levels / IAL are widely recognised by universities in the UK and worldwide for entry…

International General
Certificate of Secondary
6 terms (18 - 22 months)
4 - 12 students

On successful completion of International GCSE exams, students obtain internationally recognised qualifications…

Edexcel International
Tuition Programme

6 terms (18 months)
4 - 12 students
Upon successful completion of the EITP, students may progress to the Pearson Edexcel International ….
English for
Academic Study

1 - 3 terms (3-9 months)
4 - 12 students
English for Academic Study (EAS) course is an integrated language and Academic Skills programme that…

Students may join Insworld for EITP, International GCSE or A-Level courses, depending on their prior academic achievement and English Language ability. The English for Academic Study programme exists to help students reach the level of English Language proficiency that will allow them to join an Insworld academic programme and participate fully in lessons.


In exceptional circumstances, students who do not meet the minimum requirements may be admitted to a programme if they can show an equivalent level of learning.

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