Exam Preparation Tips

As the January Pearson Edexcel exam series approaches, we would like to share some useful tips for exam preparation:

Organize your study space

Make sure you have enough space on your desk to spread out your textbooks and notes. You should feel comfortable in your study space. Make sure your room is well-lit, and that you can sit and work in comfort. Try to keep distractions to a minimum. Remove items that might take your attention away from your studies. Put your phone on silent, and place it out of reach where you cannot see the screen.

Schedule your studies

Make a study schedule and do not leave anything to the last minute. Write down how many exams you have, how many pages you have to learn, and the days you have left. Then organize your study timetable accordingly.

Use mind maps, flow charts, and diagrams

Visual aids can be useful when revising study material. Try transforming your revision notes into diagrams so you use your visual memory as well as your verbal memory. Write down key words and concepts on post-it notes so you have something that can jog your memory. When you are revising, always remember to go back and check what you have just studied. This helps you to remember what you have just learned as well as ensuring that you have understood it well.

Practice past exam papers

Past exam papers will help you understand the format and formulation of the questions. Answering these questions will give you vital practice in putting your thoughts and words down on paper in the way the examiners prefer. Be honest with yourself. Do not look at mark schemes, but try to work out answers on your own. Review all your answers carefully to understand how you can improve your score. If in doubt, ask your teacher.

Take regular breaks

Regular breaks are needed for the brain to regain its focus. Develop a routine that best fits your study style.

Eat healthily

Choose natural, fresh, and vitamin-rich food that is good for your body and brain. It will improve your concentration and memory.

Drink plenty of water

Remaining hydrated is vital, and adds to your overall positive mood. Drink water while studying for exams, and avoid drinks that have caffeine or high sugar content.

Arrive early for the exam

Plan the time it may take you to reach the school – then add on some extra time. Late arrival can only add to your anxiety.

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