Expat Living: 3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Private School in Singapore

Education is the foundation on which everything else is built, so choosing the right school in Singapore is a priority for Singaporeans and expats alike. The only way to find the right school is through thorough and extensive research. For parents of international students, a private international school in Singapore may be the best option. Private schools can offer the flexibility in their school curriculum and in their approach to teaching and learning that enable them to adapt their provision to meet the needs of students from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. Private schools in Singapore may also offer programmes leading to qualifications that have international recognition, such as International A-Level and IGCSE exams. When looking for a school, keep an open mind, and keep in mind how a school can best support your child to achieve his or her targets.

What should you prioritise when choosing a private school?

The school curriculum, and how it is taught must be the key determinant when selecting a school. The curriculum must be able to present the right level of challenge for the student, encouraging and stimulating learning while not being intimidating. There must also be the right blend of approaches to teaching and learning, combining the best aspects of the Western student-centred approach while drawing on the strengths of the Asian scholastic tradition. Lessons must be accessible and enjoyable, but they must also have clear direction and purpose. Class sizes are also an important factor. Small class sizes allow a proper classroom dynamic to develop, but also enable teachers to monitor closely how well each student is progressing, and adapt lesson content and delivery to ensure that learning objectives are met.

Insworld Institute is focused on teaching all its students what they need to know through understanding how each student learns, making academic progress accessible and stimulating.

1. A curriculum that allows continuity

Insworld programmes lead to exams (A-Level, International A-Level and IGCSE) which are all benchmarked to UK standards, and recognised internationally as valid measures of academic achievement and potential. Insworld Institute teaches a curriculum which prepares students for external exams administered by Pearson Edexcel, the UK’s largest exam board and awarding body. The UK-based curriculum and exam format are based on best practice in learning methodology and assessment practices, and will be familiar to many British and international students. This should allow them to adapt quickly to a new school environment.

Lower secondary education: EITP

The Edexcel International Tuition Programme (EITP) is based on the Pearson Edexcel Lower Secondary Curriculum, and is designed for students ages 12-14. It provides a solid foundation in core subjects such as English, Science, Mathematics and the Humanities; and an essential grounding in the basics of the subjects they will go on to study at IGCSE level.

Upper secondary education: IGCSE

The Pearson Edexcel International GCSE Programme (IGCSE) is intended for students ages 14-16. The IGCSE programme provides a framework of understanding across a range of subjects for students wishing to progress to GCE A-Level or International A-Level programmes.

Preparing for university: GCE A-Level /International A-Level

A-Level exams, either GCE A-Level, or International A-Level (IAL), are pre-university qualifications that are recognised and welcomed by leading universities in Singapore and internationally. They are excellent preparation for university, as they not only emphasise extensive and accurate subject knowledge, but also place high value on interpretative and analytical understanding – essential skills for any university student.

2. Environment that facilitates adjustment

Expat children face the unique challenges of living in a foreign country and having to adjust to a new school. Adapting quickly and easily to a new school environment is very important in enabling a student to feel comfortable in a new setting, and to thrive socially and academically.

Insworld Institute fosters a nurturing environment where students feel safe and valued for who they are. We assign a Personal Tutor to each student, to mentor their academic progress and offer timely advice and support. It is also an important opportunity to receive feedback from the students. If your child is experiencing some difficulty in adjusting, we can intervene quickly before the situation escalates.

We also want to maintain an open channel of communication with parents. We welcome any and all communication with parents, especially regarding matters of concern. It is in everyone’s interests to address problems quickly and openly. We provide reports for parents each week, so they are always kept informed about what is happening with their child.

3. A holistic education

Insworld places emphasis on the well- rounded development of our students. This is not just in terms of academic achievement, but must also include cultural, social and moral development. We want each student to feel supported to pursue their interests and curiosity in all areas of activity – sport, the arts, community projects – anything they enjoy or want to participate in.

Insworld offers a range of activities that make student life interesting. Our extracurricular activities include basketball, futsal, dance, photography and other activities. We also try to extend students’ experience and understanding of the world by taking learning beyond the classroom; arranging trips to museums and universities. We are also keen to promote a strong sense of social responsibility through organising outreach activities to help the less advantaged in Singapore and elsewhere.

Why Insworld Institute offers what’s best for your child

Insworld Institute is recognised as one of the best private British schools in Singapore. Our approach is to channel all our efforts into doing what is best for each student, in terms of curriculum, pedagogical approach, lesson planning and delivery, organisation and extra-curricular activities. Our international school provides a best-in-class British education that promotes your child’s intellectual development and also their social and moral development. Our aim is that every student should have the understanding, knowledge and skills they will need as they move forward, and also the character, temperament and judgement to be able to use them to their best advantage

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