Studying and Living in Singapore

1st in Asia for quality of living

– Quality of Living Worldwide City Rankings 2019, Mercer

2nd safest city in the world

– Global Law and Order Report 2019, Gallup

1st in Asia for Expats to live in

– Employment conditions abroad 2022

1st in Asia for English proficiency

– English Proficiency Index 2021, Education First (EF)

Singapore is a progressive, dynamic, and safe place to live and study. The standard of living and the quality of life are the highest in Asia, and among the highest in the world.

But what is it really like to live and study in Singapore? Read some of the points below to know more:

Why International Students come to Singapore

Below are some of the reasons why international students relocate here in Singapore:

  • Genuinely international and multi-cultural outlook
  • Safe, comfortable and efficient
  • Excellent healthcare system
  • Highly developed and prosperous economy
  • World-class education system
  • Strategic location
  • Direct flights to all major world cities
  • Regional centre for arts, entertainment and shopping

Healthcare System

Singapore’s modern healthcare system comprises private hospitals, public (government) hospitals and specialist clinics, each specializing in different patient needs, at varying costs.

For emergency services, patients can go at any time to the 24-hour Accident & Emergency Departments located in the government hospitals. Dial 995 if you need an ambulance urgently, otherwise dial 1777. There are many private clinics, some of which also operate 24-hour services (charges are higher from 10.00pm to 8am).

Law and Order

Singapore laws are strictly enforced, often with severe punishments.

You must abide by all Singapore laws. Violation of any law could lead to a heavy fine or more serious punishment. Singapore laws are particularly strict about littering, smoking and jaywalking. Overseas students could lose their right to remain in Singapore if convicted of any offence.

For more information on some special features of Singapore law click here to view.

Estimated Cost of Living in Singapore

An international student in Singapore spends about S$1200 to S$2,000 averagely a month on living expenses. This amount will vary depending on the lifestyle and course of study.
This table gives a rough estimate breakdown of basic monthly expenditure for an international student in Singapore

Item Cost per month (S$) Comments
Accommodation $500 – $1200 Costs vary with the type of accommodation, geographical area, facilities provided and the number of people sharing, etc
Utilities (including water and electricity) $40 – $100
Food $450 – $600 Approximately $15-$20 per day for 3 meals at a food court.
Transportation $60 Depending on the distance and mode of transport.
Telecommunications $50 Varies with usage and promotional packages for telephone services, mobile services and internet access.
Books & Stationery $500-$2,000 (whole course) Textbooks are usually required during lessons. The cost of textbooks for each course ranges between $500-$2,000 depending on the subject chosen.
Personal Expenses $200 – $500 Varies with the individual. Could include expenses on clothes, toiletries, entertainment, and other items and activities.
Medical Insurance Insworld students are automatically registered to our Medical Insurance Coverage scheme. This covers consultations and medical treatment.
(Optional) Homestay $1200-$2,800 If a student chooses to stay with a host family, the charges will include legal guardianship but it depends on the selection of locations and rooms (single/twin/triple sharing), meals (with/without) and the availability of laundry services

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